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Raise up to $100 million from our millions of individuals around the world.Providing cutting-edge financial tools to empower independent, production companies and others filmmakers.

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Empowering the film industry through motionfilm
Motionfilm Visions

Motionfilm Visions

The mission of MotionFilm is to support industry and individuals projects that help produce the larger commercial projects, realizing the full potential of capital and technology and its social impact, while increasing tokenization adoption globally.

New Smart Money

New Smart Money

MotionFilm investors are your true fans and engaged supporters. They spread the word with their network. Our diverse millions crowd includes top-tier angels, influencers and engaged supporters, helping you raise capital.

Motionfilm Visions
Application Apply
Basic Details of project
Project Audit
Deep Research & market availability
Ownership agreement
Legal Procedure of agreement
Project requirement
Developing & pre - Production
Selecting Key member of project Star Cast, Director & Production and production Company
Basic Details of project Deep Research & market availability Legal Procedure of agreement Project requirement Selecting Key member of project Star Cast, Director & Production and production Company
Diligence & selection 1 week to 3 Month
Legally & onboarding 2-3 Week
Finalizing Project 1-3 Month
Easy Process

Easy Process

We created a streamlined, Industry-friendly process that makes running an investment process easy and fast.

MotionFilm raise
Project release on our platform
Motionfilm raise Capital raise 2-6 Days
Everyone in Action
Motionfilm raise Way to Box Office
Motionfilm Benefits

Motionfilm Benefits



One stop for everything financial production and distribution operation

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Our team will guide and produce your project from onboarding to release.

Risk Free Finance

Risk Free Finance

You do not need to pay back in case of loss.Protect yourself from bank loans and terms.



Strong Finance Management Dashboard track all data in live time

Fast Campaign

Fast Campaign

We always dedicate our goal within 10 days though our storng community

Big Budget

Big Budget

We believe good budget have studio quality projects.

Frequently Asked Question

For Investor

How much capital can I raise?

We do not set any fixed amount, it depends on the requirement of the project. Our team will be involved in every project and the budget document will be thoroughly researched.

Can I apply for half the budget?

Yes,You have to get approval before investing.

What is the eligibility for the production company?

Projects should meet Motion Film's eligibility criteria and projects should have well known star cast and crew

What will be the project partnership?

It depends on the projects and mutual agreement. Generally we take project ownership as per investment percentage.

Does MotionFilm also accept scripts?


What is the typical campaign duration?

It depends on roadshow and demand.We believe the expedition will usually take 3–14 days

How much does this cost?

Applying on MotionFilm is free. We enter into a mutual agreement on the revenue of the projects.

Can companies based outside India raise money on MotionFilm?

Yes, If our office is located there.

Can I raise for a short film or non-profit project ?

Mostly No,but you can try. Sometimes magic happens.

Do I have to pay back if the project flops?

No. In that case whatever the project has earned will go to our investors.