Why invest in Entertainment industry

Movie investment was previously available to only the wealthiest people of the worldwide. With MotionFilm, everyone can invest in private “Film Projects” for a chance to earn a strong return.

Why invest in Entertainment industry Why invest in Entertainment industry Why invest in Entertainment industry Why invest in Entertainment industry Why invest in Entertainment industry Why invest in Entertainment industry Why invest in Entertainment industry
Why invest in Entertainment
Individual investors struggle

In the current scenario, individual investors struggle to find a well-organized opportunity to invest in the entertainment industry. Since the investments are in millions, these projects require a skillful team to carry out the tasks on the ground while managing all the processes of film production properly. “MotionFilm.co is acknowledged as the first film studio to create such revenue-generating studio-quality projects for individual investors.”

Our vision is to bridge the gap between the public investors and the booming film industry by creating a trusted channel with investment opportunities in cinematic ventures.

In Early

Entertainment industry is growing faster than other industries. Now you can get involved too.

Financial Stake

Financial Stake

Investors purchasing digital MotionFilm tokens will receive a document evidencing their right to such tokens.

Join an Exciting journey

Join an Exciting journey

Be a part of the creative industry and get a chance to visit shooting sets as a guest.

Fund the Creativity

Fund the Creativity

The film industry is a significant sector of creative industries and an effective powerhouse of economic growth

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Frequently Asked Question

For Investor

What is the minimum investment amount?

Each project sets their own minimum investment amount. MotionFilm’s platform-wide minimum is $10, however most Project select somewhere between $50 and $250.

Can I invest in more than one project?


I am Indian, can I invest in an international or Hollywood project?


Can I Invest in a Backup Budget ?

Yes everyone can, But your investment will be considered as a backup.It will be used only when the project requires additional funds otherwise the investment will return on the project

Why should I invest in a backup budget?

According to the basic contract those who have invested in the backup budget will receive an extra percentage of revenue rather than the main Budget.

What is the contract in MotionFilm ?

It is mandatory for every investor to read and sign the contract before investing.

Can I proceed without a contract sign?

No, If you want to invest then signing the contract is mandatory.

What type of documents can I use to verify my identity?

For India individuals Any government issued photo ID, including: Aadhar Card Pan Card Driver's license Passport For foreign individuals Passport For address verification A scan of a mail item, bank statement or utility bill Dated within the last 90 days Showing your name and your full address, as it appears in your investor profile Taxpayer identification number (for U.S. persons), or one or more of the following: a taxpayer identification number, Social Security number and identification card

Are you accepting cryptocurrency?

No, we are not accepting any cryptocurrency?

How can I measure whether the project is eligible or worthy for investment?

First of all MotionFilm only selects commercial, studio quality and serious projects and it takes a very long process for finalyse project.That process gives you a filtered project and thus reduces the risk of investment. We provide a rating rank system for every project, which helps you to select the project for the right investment. Also you can see synopsis of the story,Graphic details of the project,Director of the project,Star cast,crew members, production company,distribution company, similar projects and streaming or partnership contract if available.

What does it mean That MotionFilm is a co-investor ?

MotionFilm invests in every project before releasing it platform for general investors. MotionFilm invest at-least 20% of the project’s main budget in development and pre-production stage. Motion film shows the seriousness of investment in every project, that the projects we choose for our investors are only studio quality and commercial projects.