it work

MotionFilm allows anyone to invest in vetted private Entartainment projects


Highly Selective

Less than 3% of Projects that apply pass through our due diligence and investment committee.


Free Investor Onboarding

MotionFilm is investor- friendly by Design with no hidden fees and top-rated customer service.


Mission - Driven

We launched to level the playing field for production companies and our individual investors.



Industry - Lowest minimums starting as low as $10 also help you build a more diversified Portfolio


Trust By Pros

Famed angels, VCs and Companies invest in motionfilm alongside with you


Your Co-Investor

Like you Motionfilm is invested in the sucess of all projects listed on the platfrom we invest around 20% of the budget

How it work How it work

How to start

How to start


Pick a Project You like

Review the prospectus document, terms, and story, cast, director, prodcution companies and decide whether you believe the project will sucess.


Invest a small amount to start

Plan to diversify, which means investing smaller amounts into several projects


Track & update

Track every step of production thtough your dashboard, when the project goes on box office, your investment can bring a return

Approval Process

Our Project selection method is very well organized
and systematic
Selection of script
Budget Analysis
Development & Pre- Production
Public Investment
Film Production
Film Release
Revenue & return
Project approval process Project approval process Selection of script Budget Analysis Development & Pre- Production Public Investment Film Production Revenue & Return

Why MotionFilm Unique !

Investing in specific Film projects is a dream for Individual investors also Production companies were not allowed to accept investments from regular people. Only wealthy people were allowed to invest in private Film Project, Because they can manage a team who develop projects for them.

MotionFilm created a safe and easy technology platform which allowed to Individuals to invest in any industry around the world. You can clearly see your money going according to your interest and you make a return as per your project making revenue in the Box Office or streaming partner.

Studio Quality Film project investing can be fulfilling beyond the potential monetary return. Not only are you betting on the Entertainment future, you are also directly supporting the loving industry and joining the creative people on an exciting adventure journey

What will you get when you invest !

When you invest in a project on MotionFilm you receive an interest in the project, in the form of a digital asset tokens securities. A security is essentially an agreement with financial terms between you and the company. It represents your financial interest in the company.

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Frequently Asked Question

For Investor

I am not from India can i invest ?


How will i Sign a contract?

Its a signature based authentication (Digital signature) Aadhar authentication , Registered Email or phone number OTP, and declaration by video.

When will i get the return of investment?

Revenue will start appearing on your dashboard from the first day of release of the film. And you can claim revenue anytime.

How long will it take to deposit in my bank account?

Usually 2-3 business days.

How can i check thats my return is appropriate?

Every project has a huge financial dashboard. You can see the return by city, state or country.There is also you can see contracts of third parties like Netflix,Amazon Prime, or satellite rights.

Can I cancel my investment?

Investment once done cannot be cancelled, however, you may sell / transfer your securities to other MotionFilm Investors anytime once allotted.

Is the token value of the MotionFilm always constant?

Yes, Stable and secure.