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Now anyone can invest in commercial Film Project

Invest As Little As $10 In Any Projects And Start Earning When Projects Goes In Box Office Or Streaming Partner.

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Introducing Motionfilm

MotionFilm is a first Company who is solving the finance problem of the Entertainment industry by tokenization.

This is a new way for everyone to invest in the entertainment industry.

MotionFilmToken, a utility token handling by "SPIRAL GALAXY PRODUCTION HOUSE PRIVATE LIMITED" we are here to solving problem of Big budget projects of the industry and to our community around the world who is loved to invest in direct projects without any restriction.

Total token Total value

Earn upto
2x - 3x Returns

MotionFilm provides you filtered and premium studio Quality projects which makes your stronger returns -

Only Commercial

Only Commercial

we only produce studio quality projects. It generates strong revenue.

Highly Selective

Highly Selective

Less than 3% of projects are selected for production

Earn upto 2x - 3x Returns
Track Live financial status

Track Live Financial Status

MotionFilm provides you full transparency of box office financial data on your dashboard.

Live Time

track every step of development and production


complete transparency between investor and production

No Lock-In

You are free bird in our kingdom,sell your token to another buyer and withdraw your INR in your Bank account.

Global Buyers

list your tokens for other investors around the world

Fast Process

just a 5- minutes process to withdraw your investment

Ther's No Lock-In

Projects from
all around the world

Select your interesting industry and find the story of your great action, adventure,drama projects.

International Projects

Motionfilm also offers you projects from hollywood, bollywood and other industries

International Market

International market for strong return of your investment

Projects from all around the world

Investor’s Solution

Security Solution

  • Instead settlement of user verification
  • Account safety solution, protect original owner record
  • 2-step Authentication

Audit Solution

  • All Transaction history at any time in your dashboard
  • 24 hour user solutions customer care suppourt
  • Real time transparent accounting

Product Solution

  • Instant access to premium membership including customers from other contries
  • Easy and comprehension technology platfrom
  • red herring prospectus for every project to every user.

Money Solution

  • Investment return policy as per project
  • Free to invest in any industry
  • Return tracking dashboard

MotionFilms Benefits


No need to organize a team for Accounting and developing project for Investing


Any Changes to the project you will be notify through the platform

Double Transparency

All Financial data related to the project and any agreement between third parties thats you can track through the dashboard

Global opportunity

through Motionfilm you can access international projects for Investment

Star Power

Before investment you can check star cast, Director, Production company and streaming partners

Exit Anytime

No longer interested in the project sell your token to other investors anytime

Frequently Asked Question

For Investor

What is MotionFilm ?

Motion Film is a one stop access to the entire spectrum of Entertainment Finance Investment portfolio to proactively access Entertainment Projects in a transparent manner with algorithm driven deployment and success tracking.

How much can I invest?

You can invest within the range specified as the minimum and maximum amount for the project selected. Investment amount is generally set up for each project. However, Motion Film’s platform wide minimum investment amount is $10.

Can I resell my securities?

Yes, the securities can be freely sold and transferred anytime through the platform to any other MotionFilm Investor. There shall be no lock in.

Can the MotionFilm reject my investment?

MotionFilm shall reject your investment in the following scenarios: If your KYC details are not provided You have invested below the minimum investment amount or more than the maximum amount allowed under the respective project

Can I cancel my investment?

Investment once done cannot be cancelled, however, you may sell / transfer your securities to other MotionFilm Investors anytime once allotted.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Each project sets their own minimum investment amount. MotionFilm’s platform-wide minimum is $10, however most Project select somewhere between $50 and $250.

Can I invest through my LLC/Trust/IRA/Self-Directed IRA?

Yes, if you have a self-directed IRA, a revocable trust that you are the trustee for, the owner / manager of an LLC or in a position to direct a corporation's monies, you can register your entity in your investor settings with MotionFilm and invest through it. However, you shall be solely responsible for complying with the laws of the country in which your entity is established including but not limited to the taxation and the international laws.

Who can invest?

Anyone 18 years or older can invest.

How can I check that my return is appropriate?

Every project has a huge financial dashboard. You can see the return by city, state or country.There is also you can see contracts of third parties like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or satellite rights.

What if I have a question about my return?

You can call our officer or can write email to the concerned department. Your problem will be solved within business days.

How often can I claim my return?

There is no limit.

Does MotionFilm allow international investors?

Investment from international investors is acceptable, however, we shall not be responsible for their compliances and they have to ensure that they adhere to the laws of their country. What types of documents I can use to verify my identity? For Indian individuals Any government issued photo ID, including: Aadhar Card Pan Card Driver's license Passport

For foreign individuals

Passport For address verification A scan of a mail item, bank statement or utility bill Dated within the last 90 days Showing your name and your full address, as it appears in your investor profile Taxpayer identification number (for U.S. persons), or one or more of the following: a taxpayer identification number, Social Security number and identification card Can I invest in more than one project? Yes. Are you accepting cryptocurrency? No, we are not accepting any cryptocurrency. I am Indian, can I invest in an international or Hollywood project? Yes. How can I measure whether the project is eligible or worthy for investment? First of all MotionFilm only selects commercial, studio quality and serious projects and it takes a very long process for finalyse project.That process gives you a filtered project and thus reduces the risk of investment. We provide a rating rank system for every project, which helps you to select the project for the right investment. Also you can see synopsis of the story,Graphic details of the project,Director of the project,Star cast,crew members, production company,distribution company, similar projects and streaming or partnership contract if available.

What is the backup budget?

Studio quality film projects are highly budget and sensitive. No one can estimate the exact budget of the project and sometimes unexpected things happen during the production of the project.In that case backup budget helps to deliver successful projects in the right time.

How does the Backup budget work ?

When the project requires additional funds, the producers of that project apply and explain the situation to access that fund.

Can I Invest in a Backup Budget ?

Yes everyone can, But your investment will be considered as a backup.It will be used only when the project requires additional funds otherwise the investment will return on the project release date.

Why should I invest in a backup budget?

According to the basic contract those who have invested in the backup budget will receive an extra percentage of revenue rather than the main Budget.

Can I sell my backup budget token ?

Yes, you can sell backup budget tokens.

What is the contract in MotionFilm ?

It is mandatory for every investor to read and sign the contract before investing.

What does it mean That MotionFilm is a co-investor ?

MotionFilm invests in every project before releasing it platform for general investors. MotionFilm invest at-least 20% of the project’s main budget in development and pre-production.

Giving everyone access to direct entertainment industry for investing